2 hours without finishing

Any audio to last longer making love? Would you like to last 2 hours without finishing

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Just punch yourself in the face.

Alright, that’s not going to come across right. Let me try to be tactful. You’re a guy, right? You’re trying to get her to like you more by satisfying her more? More than yourself?

Maybe I’m way off base, and you’re doing this for some truly spiritual reason. And that’s cool.
Or, just maybe you’re doing this for the same reason I’ve known many guys to try to do this.

If so, could you try to see that you may be maneuvering yourself into an inferior position that idolizes your partner and subervient-izes your self?

Am I 100% wrong? Ok, cool. I’ll take the risk. I’ve been a billion percent wrong before and basked in the ensuing suffering of my mistakes. Cool. No big deal. But I’ll take the risk.

I’ll take it. Just in case. You are another me. And you can be made to see something sooner than I would have.

All feedback is welcome. And all my judgements may become considered viable by me.

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Confused Liam Neeson GIF


Wtf is happening? Are suggesting Slow Down Perception of Time? Lmao


Why need 2h lol… Dont have things to do during the day?

Wow that is really great idea


It’s crazy and hilarious all at once. The gods of synchronicity are laughing at us. Now your gif is playing like normal. But before it was in super slow motion for me. The gods know exactly what they are doing. They foresee. And they surely laugh.

Dude, just buy her a vibrator!
You can start at 01:57 !

Increase your life-force, HGH and Testosteron (not too much)

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Find the equivalent of viagra in natural / plant form.

I’m a girl… I don’t want you to last 2 hours. That’s a fantasy and not reality.

Trust me - I’m speaking on behalf of whomever you want to seduce.

She will thank me.


I just observe the moralistic and judgmental comments.

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what’s your ideal duration? if you don’t mind sharing of course.

Not a girl but I feel like as a guy, even 30 minutes is pushing it lol

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I never put a rule of time, sometimes is longer and others shorter… One hour i think is more than enough, but in any case quality over quantity i always prefer

In any case, if you want to last as much you want is very easy,:

1-kegel exercises daily (the 2 kinds, in and out)

2- stop or slow down each time before you feel want to release, this maybe is difficult in the beginning but after a few times becomes very easy.

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Sure… I’m an open book. Although… I used to be a swinger in an open relationship, so I’m very sex-positive. I’m not a typical Mum.

There are huge variables at play here. Everyone is completely different. Every day is different, every week is different. Some nights I might want to go longer and other nights I just want a quick fix. I’m not a long haul type of person. IN fact… pretty sure I told some one-night stand guy just to stop because it was taking too long - and he apologised and said oh yeah… most girls say that to me, it just takes me ages to cum. BORING.

Actual act itself maybe 15/20 mins. (not including other stuff) HOWEVER… I would be pretty disappointed if there wasn’t a 2nd round or even a third. All my girlfriends would agree. 3 rounds of quick - WAYYYYY better than 2 hours.

I sent a text to the guy I’m kinda seeing at the moment. And it said - watch Sex life on Netflix (episode 1 or 2 - I can’t recall which one)- there’s a scene in it where he comes downstairs after reading her journal and he bends her over the kitchen table. I said I’ll order that please. hahaha Instant reply back - Order accepted.


and then what would be your contribution friend?

Thanks for your help, I’ll put it into practice

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They made a pendant in the Etsy store for Male Power & Stamina

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